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Reviews On Concrete Flooring Pros And Cons

Some of you might be familiar with concrete flooring. This flooring option is quite popular among many home owners since it is not only friendly towards the environment but also affordable. Many home owners especially love the versatility and functionality of the flooring. If you add color or stencil on the concrete flooring, you will add aesthetic value to the flooring.  When you do it properly, you can get the look which resembles marble, river rock, or wood. Concrete flooring is suitable for any decoration style. However, this flooring option has its advantages and disadvantages. It is better for you to learn about concrete flooring pros and cons before you go shopping for home flooring. By understanding this, you can decide whether the flooring is the right option for you or not.

To know more about concrete flooring pros and cons, you can start with the pros. The first benefit from this flooring option is that it is friendly towards the environment. People who are living in warm climates are recommended to install concrete flooring since it will stay cool even during the hottest days. Due to this reason, it is suitable for warm climates. However, the material has the ability to absorb the heat from the sun during winter months so your flooring will keep the home warm. Concrete is also suitable for people who are concerned about the environment. This material is manufactured without cutting any trees. Manufacturers also use less energy to produce the flooring compared to other flooring types. You might be pleased to know that concrete flooring does not use volatile organic compounds either.

Another benefit of concrete flooring is high durability.  Some companies have tested the flooring by driving a tank over it to make sure it withstands it. Many big box stores, warehouses, and garages are using this flooring because of this durability reason. A scrape on a concrete floor can be caused only by a jack hammer. You do not need to worry to about placing heavy furnishings on the flooring since it is durable. It can also withstand pet claws and other things which damage hardwood flooring.

Concrete Flooring Pros And Cons

According to many reviews on concrete flooring pros and cons, concrete flooring is also beneficial since it is a ready-made subfloor. If you ever get tired of your concrete look, you can have convenient subfloor for tile, epoxy, carpeting, or other surface options. Based on many home owner reviews about concrete flooring pros and cons, the flooring can be cleaned and maintained easily. Concrete flooring is also recommended by the American Lung Association for asthma and allergy sufferers. This flooring is able to prevent dust, dander, and dust mites.

Despite of all benefits of concrete flooring, it still has some disadvantages. The first disadvantage is safety concern. Some people who wrote concrete flooring pros and cons reviews stated that the functionality and visual appeal value is reduced by its practical safety aspect. The material does not have any cushion if your babies and toddlers fall. People also do not like the amplified sound. Hard flooring like concrete tends to intensify sounds. To reduce the sound, you can place some judiciously placed rugs, mats, or runners.

Concrete Flooring Pros And Cons

Another disadvantage which is included in concrete flooring pros and cons reviews are price. The labor cost of installing the flooring can be more expensive although the material cost is lower than other flooring options. To save more costs, you can install the flooring on your own. This is not suitable for all people especially if you are not familiar with DIY jobs.

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Concrete flooring

Concrete flooring

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