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How to Tile a Shower Wall

For some people, the bathroom becomes one of the great places to relax and rest. However, when they get bored with the condition of the bathroom, a redecoration may be a great idea to refresh the entire atmosphere. Redecorating a bathroom for some people also means that they will have to change every single thing.  Instead, why not make some minor improvements that will make a major difference! The information below on how to tile a shower wall will be a great help to allow you to redecorate on a minimum budget. Besides, this article will also talk about several things which should be considered first.

The Time and Cost

When people want to tile a shower wall by themselves, they have to know several basic things such as the time that they will need and the cost. In fact, most people take several weeks to finish all the processes when they tile the shower wall. The cost that will have to be prepared by most people also ranges from $500 to $1,000 or more, up to the upgrade and things that they will use in the processe. Most of the people also find that the difficulty is moderate and it can be done as long as the person is careful enough to pass all of the steps. However, because the process to tile a shower wall can take several weeks, it is better for them to make sure that the bathroom will not be used in those periods to make the result better.

The Steps

In this article, we will also give you the basic information that will be needed when people are going to tile a shower wall. The steps require about $500 to $1,000 in order to buy all of the materials and tools before you start. Some of the materials are tiles, mastic, grout, caulk, starter board, painter tapes and a plastic spoon. Other than that, some of the tools that can be used are gloves, mask, caulk gun, laser level, measure tape, pencil, grout float, 3/16” V notched trowel, sponge and a soft cloth.

How to Tile a Shower Wall

How to Tile a Shower Wall

First, people will have to make a project based on their plan and consider what kind of wall style that will suit the decorating the most. In this step, they also have to choose the tiles that they will use later. Note that the shape, and ornament and material of the tiles will affect the total cost in the end. After that, tiling can be started by running a bead of caulk around the perimeter and smoothing it by using the back side of the plastic spoon. The perimeter should be on the area that is going to be tiled in order to seal it. Next, use a wet saw with a diamond blade to cut all of the tiles before making the line. Once it is ready, start to lay the tile from the corner with the chair rail border.

Use a 3/16” v-notched trowel to apply the wall with the mastic adhesive. After that, mark the rest of the room with the laser line. Put the tile based on the plan that you have done before. To set the tile, apply a small coat of mastic. Let it dry for about 24 hours before you do the grouting.

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