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Cardinal Shower Doors – Advantages and Disadvantages of Glass Shower Doors

A glass shower door sometimes preferable rather than the other type of doors since it gives special effects and different atmosphere inside of the bathroom. For those who are interested to use any of glass shower doors in their bathroom, the Cardinal shower doors probably will be one of their choices since it is one of a full service domestic manufacturer of shower enclosures and known for its great selection of models, finishes and glass options. By its high quality and high reliability, the Cardinal Shower Doors has been trusted by most of its customers for taking care most of the glass shower doors. They are known for its best quality and services. However, even the best glass shower doors may have its advantages and disadvantages. By this condition, it is important for those who are interested to have any to know these basics.

Advantages of Using Glass Shower Door

When we are talking about the advantages, we can assume that we will find more of them since there are so many people who are still use the glass shower doors today. Here are some of the advantages that most people will get when they use glass shower door on their bathroom.

–          Give spacious effect

As we know, glass will not completely blockage our sight of the room and it will not make the room look smaller.

–          Give special atmosphere to the room

Some of the glass shower doors are able to shaped or curved or customized to give special effect to the bathroom

–          Gives more privacy

Even though most glasses are invisible, but most of the glass doors on the bathroom today has its own types which able to make people unable to see the person inside clearly.

–          Able to keep the water on the limited space only

For some people who want to keep the other side of the bathroom dry without making the room look smaller, the glass shower door is a great option since they will be able to block the water and having the room look about the same.

However, those are just some of the common advantages that can be seen easily. In fact, the advantages may also increase or decrease, depends on the materials and types that someone use for the glass shower door on their bathroom.

Cardinal Shower Doors

Cardinal Shower Doors

Disadvantages of Using Glass Shower Door

Even though there are fewer disadvantages rather than the advantages, it is still important for us to know the disadvantages in order to be prepared for the consequence that should be faced later. Here are some of the disadvantages.

–          Needs to be cleaned periodically

This is most likely the most common problem on having glass shower doors on the bathroom. Moreover, if the doors have some special shape curved which means it has bigger chance to hold stains or other dirt.

–          May be damaged on delivery

This is also possible to happen when people are buying the glass shower doors. That is why it is better not to bring the doors in by yourself.

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