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How To Clean Wooden Window Blinds

There are many ways which can be used by home owners to add beautiful touches to their home. One of those ways is by installing wooden window blinds. These blinds have the ability to add a beautiful touch to your home. When you are installing these blinds, you need to pay attention. Wooden window blinds require more care to keep them in good shape. The most basic treatment for your blinds is dusting the window blinds. You need to do it as the part of your regular housekeeping. Dusting the window can also be considered as an important maintenance step. Not only that, but you need to take down the blinds for thorough cleaning at least once per year.

If you are planning to clean your blinds thoroughly, you need to follow some steps. The first thing to do in cleaning wooden window blinds is preparing the tools and ingredients needed. These include a ¼ cup olive oil, microfiber towel, and bowl. Make sure you remember the main principle in cleaning the blinds which is cleaning them with a minimum amount of water. It is done to prevent the damage which might be caused by water to wood materials.

You need to dilute a ¼ cup of olive oil in warm water. Then mix them in small bowl. Make sure you mix them well. You can use your hand or a large spoon to stir it up. After preparing the mixture, you can take your wooden window blinds down carefully. Then lay them out on an old towel. You should put them on a soft surface to avoid any bumps on the floor surface which can scratch or damage the wood. Next, dip the microfiber cloth into an olive oil mixture. You need to wring out the cloth thoroughly. That will help remove the excess moisture in the clothing.

Wooden Window Blinds

Wooden Window Blinds

To clean your wooden window blinds, you should rub the clothing over every slat of your blinds from the top to bottom. Do it until you get a satisfying result. You should let the blinds dry before hanging them back up. It is recommended for you to wipe the blinds with a slightly damp microfiber cloth without any polish if you do not want to use olive oil.

You have to prevent soaking the wooden window blinds since it can cause damage to them. When cleaning the blinds, you can also use the vacuum. It is considered as the simplest method to remove dirt and dust. You can leave the blinds hanging for cleaning. In using the vacuum, you should use the round brush attachment. Vacuum the blinds in the direction of the slats. For the vertical blinds, you need to vacuum the blinds from top down. You also need to apply a horizontal movement for horizontal blinds from left to right. You should vacuum both sides of the slats.

Wooden Window Blinds

Wooden Window Blinds

Just in case you are using the vinegar or wood cleaner when cleaning wooden window blinds, you should wipe down the slats with a dry cloth. Make sure you leave the blinds open to prevent the slats from sticking together during the drying process. You might need 30 minutes to dry the blinds.

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