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Choosing Appropriate Species To Build Direct Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floor are now becoming a trend in floor decoration. Build direct hardwood flooring is a good choice for you not only because it builds an aesthetic, but also builds your environment. Hardwood flooring does not trap pollen, dust, or any other allergen. And it is also easy to clean hardwood floors. You just have to sweep regularly or you can wash it with a mop, or even vacuum it. You can also use wood floor cleaner which you can buy commercially in the shop, in case there are any food or drink spills.

Build direct hardwood flooring is also a good choice because hardwood floors are very versatile. It builds a classic and glamour flooring. The natural line and pattern of the hardwoods will give an artificial touch to your floor. It is also rich in color, so you have many choices in matching the hardwood with other furniture and accessories in your home.

The important part when you want to build direct hardwood flooring is choosing an appropriate hardwood species for your floor. Although it has a greater density than the softwood species, the term hardwood has no direct relation to the hardness of the wood. Therefore, you need to pay attention in choosing the right species of the hardwood. The species of the hardwood will determine the hardness, the beauty, and the durability of the wood. In this article, we will discuss five species of hardwood which are commonly used in America.

American Cherry

Based on the Janka (a test to determine the hardness of woods), American Cherry reaches a score of 950. It is good to use this species for flooring, because you will get a balance on the hardness and the workability. Compared to the other species, this wood is not very hard. It will influence on the durability of the hardwood floor. However, because it is not too hard, it will be easier to work with this wood species.

Build Direct Hardwood Flooring

Build Direct Hardwood Flooring

Black Walnut

Black walnut is harder than the American Cherry. It reaches 1010 on the Janka score. The special features of this hardwood species is the combination of its durability and richness in color. It also has a good grain and a very smooth finish. It grows more beautiful over time and gets darker from time to time.

Ash Hardwood

Ash hardwood reaches a 1320 Janka Hardness Rating. Although it is harder than American Cherry and Black walnut, this species are known to be a seldom-stained hardwood, because it has big pores. The good point of this species is that it is light in color, so it will help to build a bright look in the room. It is also very good in shock resistance.


Oak is very popular in the discussion of how to build direct hardwood flooring, because of its durability and its hardness. The hardness of oak makes it a little bit difficult to work with this species. But still, the hard work pays off by its very good durability. There are two types of oak: red and white. The red oak reaches 1290 and the white oak reach 1360 Janka rating.

Build Direct Hardwood Flooring

Build Direct Hardwood Flooring

Brazilian Cherry

Brazilian Cherry is the hardest species of hardwood for flooring. It is very hard and durable. It has a burgundy color. It reaches 2345 Janka rating, very far from the other hardwood species. Brazilian Cherry is the best species for you who want to get durability with your floor. It is of very good in quality; therefore it also has the highest prices. However, it is still worth to build direct hardwood flooring using this hardwood species.

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