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Detailing on Hancock & Moore Furniture

Hancock & Moore furniture is well-known as a great furniture company. It is famous for the great products they produced and release periodically. The other things that have made the Hancock & Moore Furniture Company more well-known are the details and craftsmanship placed into each product. The details are in the artistry that makes the products gorgeous. The hand-made process also adds a more valuable point for the products. Here are some details on Hancock & Moore furniture.

Hancock & Moore Furniture – Details

Hancock & Moore furniture is known as company which pays more attention to the details of its products. You will get a unique and creative product when you purchase it. This company uses intricate detailing techniques which make the product look fabulous. The countless options allows the customers to personalize their furniture.
Hancock & Moore furniture is branded by using a traditional and unique process which takes a long time and much passion when producing a product. One of the traditional and unique processes used is the burnishing method. This company believes that burnished leather will develop over time as it is used and aged. The burnishing process done by this company is a long process which is done by hand by a high quality designer and craftsman. The other traditional process is called the branding process. It is a traditional Western ranch method which is done by an authentic brand. The brands are heated over an open flame and then applied to the leather surface.

Hancock & Moore Furniture

Hancock and Moore

Besides those traditional and long processes, the other uniqueness brought by Hancock & Moore furniture is the hand painting. The hand painting process is done by the professional artist from this company. The leather surface is lightly buffed and then the design or pattern is painted by the artist. The most incredible thing for the hand painting process is the customers may choose the design themselves. Some custom designs are available and they may choose the one they want and the craftsman with the professional artist will paint it to the customers.

Luxury Handcrafted

Luxury Handcrafted

The next step is stitching to make sure the furniture fits the customer’s unique style. The stitching process allows the decorative elements to be placed on the outside of a welt to create dotted line patterns. Besides the stitching, the professional artists of Hancock & Moore furniture also practice a hand lacing process that is done by placing a decorative trim out and making the slits for the lacing to measure for synchronization and the cut. Quilting, a decorative feature, also is applied after the hand lacing process. It is applied perfectly on the leather although it is usually done with the fabric materials. The next detailing steps are gimp and neutral. Gimp is a decorative process where the leather is folded and sewn to create a hem. While neutral is a raised effect that is usually found on the in-back or out-backs. There were so many long processes in making a piece for Hancock & Moore furniture. Those processes result in the best quality of furniture brought to you by Hancock & Moore furniture.

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