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Tips On Installing Tile Floor In Bathrooms

People who want to get a clean and tidy look for bathroom should get tiling flooring. Tile flooring is always a good option for bathroom remodeling or bathroom decoration process for a new house. The flooring has the ability to improve the visual appeal of the bathroom décor. Many home owners also love tile flooring since it can be cleaned easier. The flooring is also effective in maintaining health and hygiene. Installing tile floor in the bathroom can be done easily whether you are beginner or experienced in DIY jobs.

When you are thinking of installing tile floor in bathrooms, you need to choose the best tile flooring. There are many options of tile flooring available on the market including ceramic, granite, porcelain, marble, and much more. One of the most popular options is ceramic tile. Many people choose ceramic tile since it is easy to install, durable, and affordable. You can find that tile flooring comes in various colors, sizes, texture, and shapes. Make sure you choose the tile flooring which matches well with your bathroom design. You need to take the measurements of the floor and calculate the number tiles which you need for your bathroom. It is recommended for you to purchase extra tiles since you might need replacements for any damaged during installation process.

The next step in installing tile floor in the bathroom is preparing the flooring. In preparing the flooring, you should remove the existing flooring completely. Make sure the flooring is clear from old adhesives and nails. Tile flooring should be placed on the even surface. If there is any defect on the floor surface, you need to repair it. If your flooring is not leveled properly, you have to apply mortar to make the surface leveled.

After preparing the flooring, the next thing to do in installing the tile floor in the bathroom is to lay down the tiles. You need to find the center or midpoint of the flooring by taking measurement from each of the four walls. After that, you can draw perpendicular lines parallel to walls which meet at the center point. The lines can be used as guide to line the tiles. When you are laying the tiles, you should put the first tiles at the center point before moving them towards the direction by following the chalk line. After reaching the line, you can see the gap where a tile piece is not fitted in. You should measure the gap before marking it on a whole tile. Cut the tile according to the measurement. With the right measurement, you can cover the gap. Follow the same technique until the bathroom floor is covered up.

Installing Tile Floor In Bathroom

Installing Tile Floor In Bathroom

When installing tile floors in the bathroom, you need to set the tiles. Prepare the thinset mortar. When it is ready, you are able to apply it under each tile. Lifting the tile to apply the mortar in the back and use a trowel to put some mortar on it. Press the tile on the ground. If there is any excessive adhesive, you should wipe off. Use tile spacers between two tiles. It helps you to keep the gap between tow tile uniform.

Installing Tile Floor In Bathroom

The last step in installing tile floor in bathroom is grouting the tiles. Tile adhesive needs a fortnight to dry up. After it is dry, you can grout the tiles. You need to use a grout float to apply the prepared grout into space between tiles. Make sure you leave the flooring untouched for a week.

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