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How to Silver Leaf Furniture? – Simple Steps You Need to Know

To silver leaf your furniture, it might not be as difficult as you have been thinking all this time. It can make your dated furniture look updated. Below we will provide the details you need to paint your furniture. Though it might look quite difficult to do, how to silver leaf your furniture will be explained easily with several things needed to answer the important question of how to silver leaf furniture.

There are simple steps and preparation that you need to accomplish to give the best results to silver leaf your furniture. By reading this article on How to silver leaf furniture , it will give you some simple details to make your furniture look simply shining with the right paint of course. You can apply this on almost all types of furniture you find in your home and make it look shiny and new with this paint added. The only thing that you need is focus and patience. There will be simple steps and materials needed, but your patience is another important thing that you need to keep.

How to Silver Leaf Furniture – Simple Preparation to Do First

To give you the best details you can find, you need to bring the best preparation to make your furniture to look new by adding this layer on it. By discovering How to silver leaf furniture , it will lead you to further steps of painting your furniture with this particular paint to give the furniture a more modern look. The following are the items you need to make your own silver leafing: paint, paint primer, two small paintbrushes, a piece of furniture, adhesive glue, silver leaf, and soft-bristle brush. Those are things you are going to use when you have your own silver leafing project.

How to Silver Leaf Furniture – Steps to Silver Leaf

First, you need to mix the paint color solution with the right combination. ¼ quart of your paint color is the right amount you need to add into your paint primer. This is the step where you can conceal the primer. Before you may continue to the next step, you need to wait it to dry.

Silver Leaf Furniture

Silver Leaf Furniture

Second, you can now add two coats of your paint to the furniture you are willing to silver leaf. You need to add and wait until it completely dries.

Third, a coat of adhesive glue is needed to coat the furniture. It is the next thing you need on your furniture in order to make it look shining with the paint. This step is very important since the glue will let the silver leaf to stick to coating the furniture.

Step of Silver Leaf

Step of Silver Leaf

Fourth, Now you can apply the silver leaf on your furniture that has been added with adhesive glue for the tacky surface. You can work from the bottom to the top by using a soft-bristle brush. You can also add the silver leaf to the other parts of the furniture and finish it. It will be that simple to have beautiful silver leaf furniture. You need to wait at least 24 hours before the silver leaf is cured and dried.

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