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Tips On How To Fix A Toilet That Won’t Flush

Improper functioning plumbing is one of the most difficult problems which are dealt with by many home owners. When your toilet is malfunctioning, it is better for you to solve the problem immediately. If your toilet simply does not flush, you might want to check it before calling any plumbers. You should check the toilet to see whether you can solve the problem on your own, because plumbers can be expensive. Here are some simple tips which you can apply when you are wondering how to fix a toilet that won’t flush.

There are some possible factors which cause the toilet to not flush. These include clogs, shut-offs in water supplies, or faulty parts inside the tank. If you are wondering how to fix a toilet that won’t flush, you should prepare some items including a bucket, plunger or auger, and wire coat hanger. The first thing which you should do is check the valve at the back of the toilet. When you flush the toilet and it does not flush, the water might be shut off. You should turn the water supply back on. Use the valve behind the toilet to turn on the water supply.

According to tips on how to fix a toilet that won’t flush, a malfunctioning toilet might be caused by a clog. To find out whether the toilet is clogged or not, you need to fill a bucket with a minimum of a gallon of water. Then lift the toilet seat before pouring the water into the toilet bowl. Do it quickly. If the water simply does not flush before draining slowly, your toilet might be experiencing a clogging problem. To solve the clogging problem, you need to break it. To break the clog, you can simply use a toilet plunger or auger.

How To Fix A Toilet That Won't Flush

How To Fix A Toilet That Won't Flush

Make an examination on the holes inside of toilet bowl under the rim. Tim Carter, an expert in Ask the Builder, stated that the holes inside of toilet bowls might be clogged with mineral deposits if it is not caused by a clogging in the drain. Get the wire coat hanger and straighten the wire. You can use the straightened wire coat hanger to remove the mineral deposits. Apply the same method to the siphon hole. The location of the siphon hole is at the exit hole of the toilet bowl.

Another method which can be applied when you are thinking about how to fix a toilet that won’t flush is removing the toilet tank link before examining the inner mechanisms to check whether it is operating properly or not. You should flush the toilet again where the lid is off. Make sure you should not flush it if the toilet is overflowing. You need to check to see whether the handle mechanism is stuck or the lift chain is too short. If it occurs, you just need to replace the handle mechanism or lift chain.

How To Fix A Toilet That Won't Flush

However, if the problem is too serious, you are recommended to call a plumber. There is a possibility that you face a larger problem which should be solved by professional. Some larger problems are including clogging in the main drain line, cracked pipes, or septic tank which should be drained. Only a professional plumber understands how to fix a toilet that won’t flush that is caused by bigger problems.

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