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Photos of Tiling a New Bathroom

Photos of Tiling a New Bathroom

If you have plans to tile a new bathroom, but still are in need more tips to get the best result, so you are in the right place. Continue reading this article and we will give you a few tips to help you get the best result. We will provide you step by step instructions on how to tile your bathroom from start to finish. Follow the instructions carefully and follow the photos!

  • Before you start this job you have to make sure bathroom’s floor is swept. You have to remember that the floor has to be free of all construction debris and dust.
  • And the second step that has to be done is to measure the entire room; a standard measuring tape will be sufficient for this. And then, a line should be marked directly down the center of the width of the room. After that this should be repeated with the length of the room.  And then, the lines should be marked, you can use a chalk line. You will be left with two lines that meet in the center of the new bathroom when you are finished.
  • And then, the next step is the tile should be dry fitted on the floor. The tile should be placed on the floor, then the grout lines should be marked. It is best to use tile spacers for that marking. After that, the floor should be laid out and the tiles should be adjusted, so the cuts that will be needed can be minimized. After the layout has been decided, the tiles and the spacers should be removed from the floor.
  • Next, a thin set mortar should be smoothened to the floor by using a flat edge of a notched trowel. After it has been smoothened, the trowel should be turned over and the ridges should be created in the mortar. You can create it by using a notched edge. The mortar should be applied in small sections, so dry out can be avoided.
  • Afterwards, the tiles should be set into the thin set. Each tile should be pressed down into the mortar. The tile spacers should be used between each tile. Setting the tiles along the lines that have been marked should be started. The tiles for the room should be cut by using a tile saw. The floor should be allowed to dry completely.
  • The grout should be pressed into the tile joints by using a rubber grout float. After you have filled the joints, the excess should be removed by using a damp grout sponge. The floor should be allowed to dry completely.
  • And the last, the grout should be sealed by using a grout sealer.


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