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Tips for Painting your Living Room Wall Red

If you have a plan to paint your living room walls red, but are still needing more tips to get the best results, Just read this article because you are in the right place. We will provide you with a few tips to help get the best results.  So be sure to follow all of our steps below very closely.  They will lead you to the living room of your dreams!

  • For the very first step, use drop cloths on the floor adjacent and spread them to the walls that are intended to be painted.  Painting can be very messy, so it is always important to cover up everything! You definitely want the drop cloths to cover up all of your flooring to protect from paint damage! And also, you will want to move and cover all furniture, so painting disasters can be prevented. Then, the drop cloths should be attached to the baseboard by using the painter’s tape.
  • Next, the baseboard should be covered with the painter’s tape so that they will be covered to where they meet the wall. By using the aid of a step-ladder, more painters’ tape should be attached along the length of the ceiling where the walls are going to be painted. Getting paint on the ceiling and the baseboard will easily be prevented by doing this step.
Home Decorating - Red Paint for Living Room

Home Decorating – Red Paint for Living Room

  • And then, stir the gray primer in the bucket, dowel or anything else you don’t mind covering or discarding in paint can after use. And then, the doors and windows should be opened, so the room will be well ventilated. Next, gray primer should be poured into the paint tray. The roller should be rolled in the primer, and then use it be rolled on the walls. Doing this should be done in a smooth continued process until the walls are absolutely covered.
Accent Walls in Living Room

Accent Walls in Living Room

  • And then, the paint brush, roller and tray should be cleaned with paint solvent according to the directions from the products. Then, they should be rinsed in a sink full of soapy water. Follow that with a second rinse again with the warm water. The excess water should be blotted with clean rags or paper towels and the painting tools should be allowed to dry.
  • After that, red paint should be applied to the wall in the same manner that you applied the primer. You have to remember that 2 – 3 coats of red paint will be needed for proper paint coverage.
  • And at last, the brush, roller and tray should be cleaned. And then, the painter’s tape should be removed from the baseboard and ceiling, and it should be discarded. Next, the drop cloths should be folded and stored for your next paint project. Your furniture should be returned to its proper place so you can sit down on the sofa and enjoy your fresh, red walls!


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