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Tips for LayOuting a Really Small Bathroom

Tips for Lay Outing a Really Small Bathroom

If you have a small bathroom and you are planning the lay-out of your small bathroom, but are still in need of more tips to get the best results, you have come to the right place. Continue reading this article and we will provide you a few tips to help you get the best results. Consider trying to follow these simple instructional steps below that will help you to complete and even realize your plan and also guide you in creating the best small bathroom layout. So, let’s check these out!

Small Bathrooms

Small Bathrooms

  • For the very first step, something you have to do to start this project is to measure the space that is available. And then, a floor plan should be drafted on graph paper, or a computer – a drafting program can be used for even more precision. You have to remember that every inch counts in a small bathroom, so the existing space should be documented accurately.
  • And the second step you have to do is to decide the sizes of the plumbing fixtures to purchase. And then, they should be checked with the manufacturers for the exact sizes of the toilets, showers and sinks. You can find “smaller than standard” sizes that are available for many fixtures. After that, using the space saving fixtures such as wall mounted toilets, walk in showers and a pedestal sinks should be planned.
  • And then, the next important step that has to be completed is to note the locations of pipes within the bathroom walls. After that, if you are unsure, a plumber might need to be called. You have to make a sure that your new bathroom layout will work very well with the existing pipe locations, so paying to have them extended or moved will not be needed.
  • And the last point you have to keep in your mind to complete and finish this project is the basic layout that should be considered to create within your graph paper sketch or the plans you drafted on the computer. And then, the plumbing fixtures should be drawn accurately to scale, and their locations will be adjusted until you come up with the most space efficient design.


How to Design Small Bathrooms

How to Design Small Bathrooms

  • The pocket doors might be installed
  • The wall shelves should be considered to be installed, so the vertical spaces can be installed, especially if you want to decide on a pedestal sink instead of a traditionally vanity that the storage will also be incorporated with.
  • The light colors for finishes should be chosen within your bathroom, so the bathroom will feel larger and brighter.
  • An architect might be considered to be hired, so maximizing the layout of your small bathroom can be achieved.
Small Bathroom Layout

Small Bathroom Layout

So, now you can complete this project as well  by properly following a few directions above, so you will not only finish this work, however you can also get the best result if you are properly following those directions.

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