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Tips for Advertising in a Toilet Stall

Tips for Advertising in a Toilet Stall

We all know that  advertisements are positioned everywhere we go, and now even the once sacred public restroom is included. An explosive twist of promotional marketing in the unconventional form of a restroom. Don’t laugh, but there has been plenty of marketing evidence done that shows bathroom stall advertising is effective.

If you plan to advertise in a toilet stall, but have no idea how to go about it, you are in the right place.  Consider following these instructions that will help you carry out your new marketing adventure of advertising in a toilet stall!

Tips for Advertising in a Toilet Stall

Tips for Advertising in a Toilet Stall

  • For the first step, To start your plan you need to specify who your target audience will be.  Make sure your restroom advertisements are geared towards specific genders. And then, the advertisements should be placed in the correct section if your product or services want to be specifically marketed to men or women.
  • And the second step is appropriating for the venue by the advertisements should be ensured, so your target audience can be reached successfully. Always make sure you are marketing the correct products in bathrooms.  An example would be to never advertise any food or drink related items.  No one wants to look at nice pictures of cakes or deserts while they are in a dirty bathroom.
  • And then, the next step that has to be considered is the use of innovative advertising techniques, so the public’s attention can be acquired and then can be retained. And the next thing that should be worked is your product promotions from the stall walls that should be extended to the bathroom advertisements. They have to be positioned on the mirrors, paper towel holders, door handles, toilet paper rolls and urinals. You have to really remember to do it this way, due to the importance!
Indoor Advertising (Toilet Stall Advertising)

Indoor Advertising (Toilet Stall Advertising)

  • And the last point that has to be kept in mind to complete and finish your plan is that feedback should be initiated, so the success of your toilet advertisements can be determined. And then, you must determine where the new customers learned of your services should be inquired. After that, the stalls should be visited to see how many phone number tabs were removed. And then, the facial expressions of people should be watched as the advertisements are encountered by them. And at last, this feedback should be used, so your original efforts can be improved and greater toilet advertisements can be created.
Public Restroom Advertising - Bathroom Advertisements

Public Restroom Advertising – Bathroom Advertisements

So, now you can complete and even realize your plan if you follow these instruction steps correctly, and you will also get the best result as well as your needs. Don’t ever be worried, because these instruction steps will work out very well.


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