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Great Small Campers For Your Next Trip

   Camping is enjoyed by more individuals than any other outdoor activity and more individuals are switching from tents to campers than ever before. The variety of choices, when it comes to campers, might just amaze you. There are, of course, over sized campers that take up too much space and require an over sized truck that most families will never own. This is why small campers have grown in popularity.

Small campers come in a variety of different styles and sizes and each provide their own individual benefits. Tear drop campers, for example, have been rebuilt to resemble the teardrop trailers of the 1930’s and 1940’s. These sleek looking, light weight campers really do resemble a teardrop and they provide all of the luxuries of larger, much more expensive campers in a compact, stylish design.

Tear drop campers are made to last and can save an individual or family a considerable amount of money on gas alone. These mini campers can literally be towed with a large sedan or small SUV making them a serious gas saver and with the way gas prices have been increasing, that fact alone is a great seller. While these mini campers might be much smaller than the average camper, they are loaded with all of the essentials that any other camper would include.

Great Small Campers For Your Next Trip

There is nothing wrong with owning a small RV. It is the small RV that has made it possible for many individuals and families to enjoy camping while leaving the tent at home. Nothing beats camping in a small RV. They are easily maneuverable making parking these fantastic little traveling homes simple even in the tightest of spots. You will find that pulling a mini RV is much easier when traveling down the highway as well.

There is another type of smaller camper and they are called Chalet campers. These campers are unique in that they literally fold away into an extremely compact size taking the convenience of the mini camper to a whole different level. That’s right, they actually fold down into a smaller version of the already miniature camper. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it did.

Chalet campers provide most of the same luxuries included in other miniature campers but have them installed lower in the camping unit. This provides the ability to fold the top half of the camper itself right down into the camping unit. You will have the ability to take a camper that might be 10 feet in height at its tallest point and shrink it down to a measly 4 or 5 foot camper when all is said and done. The exacts sizes depend on the manufacturer of the particular chalet camper but you get the idea.

Camping has never been more convenient and fun than it is today and we owe it all to the mini campers available for purchase. Smaller sized campers are perfect for the individual or for the smaller families who would like to enjoy the luxury of camping in a camper rather than a tent. It doesn’t get any easier than this so the next time you decide to go camping, consider using a miniature camper and enjoy the luxury of camping with a touch of class.

mini campersgreat mini camper trailers

mini campersgreat mini camper trailers

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