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Small Camping Vehicles – Homes away from Home

Small campers can be ideal for taking frequent road trips. Small campers have become increasingly popular over the past 20 years.

Examples of smaller type campers include the Little Rascal, Little Guy GT and the Silver Shadow. The Little Rascal is small but large enough to sleep at least two people. In addition, this tiny camper can easily be pulled by motorcycle or small car. small-camping-vehicles

The Rascal, Little Guy GT and the Silver Shadow are examples of tear drop campers. Tear drop campers are small and normally offer a variety of amenities. Amenities normally include sleeping quarters,cooking area and storage spaces.

The Little Guy GT is another example of a line of small campers. The Little Guy GT first hit the road back in 2002. The vehicle is compact with double lock entry doors. In addition, the aluminum fenders give this model an attractive appearance. The white carpeted floors and attractive linoleum make this very special to say the least.

Chalet campers are essentially travel trailers. Examples of chalet campers are the Takena 2265 and Takena 1865. The Takena 2265 is a lightweight trailer with aluminum frame and large bathroom. In addition, this vehicle has a fully equipped kitchenette as well as a queen bed.

The Takena 1865 is compact and lightweight. The trailer weighs approximately 3350 pounds and offers a number of amenities. The Takena 1865 has an attractive aluminum frame, small dinette and queen bed. The vehicle has the capacity to sleep up to six people.



Mini campers are built for frequent travel. Examples of mini campers include the Club van Camper and Mini Countryman. These vehicles have a detachable caravan trailer. In addition, mini campers offer sleeping accommodations for at least two people. A mini camper will normally have a stove, hand held shower and small ladder.

The Incognito is an example of a small RV. A small RV normally offers twin beds, fold up sofa and up to three wardrobe spaces. The Incognito is an example of a class B motor home. Smaller type RV vehicles are excellent for those who plan to take long trips throughout the year.

The Winnebago Breathing Room is another example of a small RV. The Breathing Room has a pull out sofa, kitchenette and small storage space. The kitchenette provides enough space to cook meals. The small storage space is large enough to store clothing for two people. This vehicle is perfect for both long and short road trips.



Campers have been used for decades as a means of travel for many. Smaller more compact campers seem to have gained popularity and are continually purchased to date. If you are seeking a reasonably priced camper you may consider purchasing a small or mini type trailer for your travel needs.

When purchasing a camper many people are looking to stay within a certain price range. The actual price of a camper will vary according to size and shape. Campers for travel can actually be purchased online from a number of websites.

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