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Tips on Grout Paint and when to use

Grout is the material that is used to hold tiles together and create a smooth surface on a finished tiling job. Over time, these joints become discolored due to age, soap and lime stains, and mildew. To completely replace grout it needs to removed from the joints using a grout saw and reapplying new grout, which can risk damaging tiles in the process. When grout appears stained or dingy, using grout paint is a great option that can restore the appearance of tiles on your floor. Grout colorant or paint is often used to cover up stains or change the appearance of the grout. Recoloring or repainting your grout, be it kitchen, counter top or bathroom tile grout, can make a huge difference in the appearance and durability of both your tile and grout. Not only will the paint restore the look or appearance of your tile and house, but the savings will be less than getting new grout.

Grout Paint Pen

Grout Paint Pen

The best paint for your need depends on the type of grout you’re dealing with and your application preferences. It is important to determine the type of grout on your propery before purchasing any grout paint. If you want to paint Epoxy grout, you will need epoxy grout paint.

Another consideration is choice of paint color. Paint for grout comes in several color options such as gray, white, teal, pink, green and blue. The appropriate color for the job depends on the color of the tiles to be painted, and your personal preferences.

The best grout paints come with instructions on how to clean the tiles. Some even include a cleaner with purchase. Always look for cleaning recommendations and clean the grout prior to applying any grout paint. By cleaning the grout first this minimizes dirt or staining, which affects the paint. Grout paint usually comes with additional materials or tools, such as sealant or grout primer. Always review the features that come with the paint before purchasing to ensure it gives the preferred color option.

Grout Paint before and after

Grout Paint before and after

There are some potential problems encountered when using grout paint, and the most common one damaged or cracked grout. It is advisable to allow the grout to dry before applying the paint. Never use paint that is not specifically designed as grout paint, stain, dye or colorant. If you do not see the word “grout” on the paint container, it is not suitable for use on grout. If you the wrong paint on grout, it will quickly fade or wear off, resulting in an overall poor job.

Selecting and applying new colorant or paint on grout should begin by making sure that grout areas have been cleaned and missing pieces repaired or replaced before application. Grout colorant drying times can vary, depending on the which grout colorant you choose. Some, when applied early in the morning, can be ready for use in the evening. Others require anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to set before the space can be used without marring the surface. Be sure to check the specifications or instructions before buying, particularly if you are pressed for time. Perhaps you are having guests that evening, and you want to put a grout colorant on the kitchen floor.

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