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How to Build a Movable Kitchen Cabinet Island with Seating

A movable kitchen island cabinet with seating is a great asset to have when entertaining guests. Its usefulness will be increased by creating your own design and building your own kitchen island. You are on your way to a satisfying project if you have experience working with power tools. However, when choosing the casters, be sure to consider the weight of the island cabinet.

Build Movable Kitchen Island Cabinet with Seating Instruction:

Things you will need: 2 pieces 22 by 34 by ¾ inch plywood (ends), 3 pieces 4 by 22 by ¾ inch plywood (cleats), 2 pieces 22 by 34 by ¾ inch plywood (shelves), 4 pieces 1 by 2 by 34-inch lumber (face frame ends), 8 pieces 1 by 4 by 37-inch lumber (top), 2 pieces 3 by 33 by ¾-inch lumber (top rails), 2 pieces 4 ¾ by 33 by ¾-inch lumber (bottom rails), 4 pieces 17 ½ by  27 ¼ by ¾- inch plywood (doors), Wood glue, Casters, Bar clamps, Belt sander, 6D finish nails, 100 grit sanding belt, Hinges and Skill saw or simply Table saw.

Movable Kitchen Cabinet Island with Seating

Instructions :

  1. All the lumber will be placed on a work table. Glue, should be applied to the edges of the 37-inch lumber and take the bar clamps and clamp them tightly. Next, the glue should also be applied to the ends of the 33-inch lumber and place one of each between the 34-inch lumber at the bottom and the top. Then, take the bar clamps to clamp them tightly. These should be allowed dry over night.
  2. The ends, cleats and shelves should be placed on the work table. Wood glue needs to be applied in the bottoms of the ends, and then secure the cleats at the ends. To the center of one of the shelves, you need to measure and mark it. Take glue and apply it to the long edge of the remaining cleat and secure it in the center of the shelf.
  3. Glue needs to be applied on the tops of the cleats and on the ends. The shelf should be placed with the cleats on top of the two cleats and on the ends and secure it into the edges of the shelf and through the ends. Take the second shelf, which should be placed in the desired place, and secure it to the ends with the finish nails. At this time, the casters need to be installed in the four corners of the kitchen island making it movable.
  4. The bar clamps must be removed from the lumber. Once done, clean off any excess glue. Take a belt sander, smooth the joints by sanding the two frames and the top.
  5. Again, glue needs to be applied to the edges of one side of the kitchen movable island then secure one of the frames to it.
  6. Down to 25 ½ inches, the width of the 37-inch top needs to be cut. The top edges of the kitchen movable should have glue applied before securing the top to the cabinet with the finish nails. Fill the holes with putty once all the nails heads have been set. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, the hinges should be installed to the 17 ½ by 27 ¼ by ¾-inch plywood doors then installed on the island cabinet. Once all these instructions are done, you can add seating to your movable kitchen island.

Movable Kitchen Cabinet Island with Seating

We hope these instructions will show you How to Build a Movable Kitchen Cabinet Island with Seating.

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