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Kitchen Ideas with Maple Cabinets

As it has a soft grain that takes stain or paint well, maple is a common material for kitchen cabinets. Because of that, no matter what kind of your kitchen decorating styles, maple will work best. Most color schemes on their own are complemented by the light color of natural maple. Also, the look and feel of the room will be determined by the colors and accessories you use in your kitchen.

The Cabinets

If you like the natural look of maple cabinets in your kitchen, simply use a clear coat over the wood. Natural maple works well for a traditional, country or modern style. If you want a more dramatic or elegant look, simply add a stain to the wood, such as cherry. The cabinets should be painted if you want a bold look. Whereas white cabinets can blend into white walls or stand out against colorful walls, red cabinets are striking against white walls.

If you are not sure how comfortable you are changing the look of the maple completely, you can paint only the doors. Alternately, remove the doors completely to display your decorative dishes, or dress up the cabinets with glass-paned doors or fancy hardware.

The Walls

Somewhat neutral in the sense, natural maple complements nearly any color you could put on your walls. Your walls could be painted a soft, slate gray or cool blue for a clean, crisp look. Brick red should be considered to be painted if you want something bold or warm. The maple cabinets work well with gold tones which will keep the kitchen neutral and inviting. In order to know about maple cabinets kitchen ideas, adding color and interest without detracting from the cabinets or overtaking the kitchen by considering a simple colorful border or backsplash such as a tile mosaic.

Kitchen Ideas with Maple Cabinets

The Counters and Floors

While darker stones can work for a modern or traditional kitchen decoration styles, such as black granite, white tile counters will work with the maple cabinets to create a rustic or country look. Different woods can also be used, including maple. The style and feel you want to create should be complemented by the color of your countertop. For instance, a cool look will have been given by slate or concrete counters that works with minimalist or modern décor.

Kitchen Ideas with Maple Cabinets

The Complete Look

Your accessories and appliances could be used to complete the look of your kitchen. If they are painted white for a country or crisp look, white appliances will blend in with the maple cabinets. Create a striking look by using stainless-steel appliances which contrast with the warm wood. Also, stainless-steel could be paired with dark stone counters for a shiny and modern kitchen that’s also warm and welcoming. Particularly if the counters or accessories also have black in them, black appliances also work in a traditional or modern kitchen.

Kitchen Ideas with Maple Cabinets

The look you are going for could be complemented by hanging pictures, artwork or tiles. Accessorize your kitchen with dishes, plants, canisters, baskets, pottery and vases. You could use these maple cabinets’ kitchen ideas wisely, as your budget which is determining anything.

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kitchen ideasmaple cabinetsbest quality kitchen cabinets for the money

kitchen ideasmaple cabinetsbest quality kitchen cabinets for the money

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