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Custom Vanities for the Bathroom

There are many functions and uses of bathroom vanities. Vanities are a necessity in our daily existence. To fit every style and budget, there are also different types that are available on the market. However, when doing a bathroom renovation to add a bathroom vanity, these requirements must be checked.

There is always a need for a bathroom vanity, whether in a home, hotels, public restrooms, restaurants, airplanes and numerous other places, because a bathroom vanity is one of the most functional necessities. You can use it to wash your face and hands to freshen up and sanitize. However, some bathroom vanities are decorative, not only functional.

You may be tempted to choose conventional design options for your space when you are renovating your master bathroom. Use unusual surfaces and styles for your bathroom to add a spark of visual interest, which will create a focal point for the space. Your vanity should be built according to the theme from your room décor style and personal interest. As this is a great feature to advertise when selling your home in the future, simply choose a double vanity for your master bathroom where space permits, no matter the theme you select.


Incorporate masculine style with a tool cabinet as a base for your vanity, this custom vanity idea is fit for a contemporary bathroom design. Draw attention to your vanity by choosing a bright red cabinet with stainless steel accents. If your bathroom is in a space where black, grey and white color schemes dominate; this look works best and should be considered as well. There is still enough space underneath if you are installing a rectangular utility sink that is less than 6 inches deep to roll your utility cabinet underneath.

Custom Vanities for Bathroom


You can also choose a custom environmentally friendly vanity for your bathroom if you love earth tones and green design. Choose instead to cover the cabinetry with cork tile and replace the sink surround with bamboo, instead of replacing it in your old vanity. Bamboo sink surrounds come in circular and rectangular designs. If you prefer more surface area for toothbrush holders and other accessories, it is much better for you choose a circular sink with counter space around it. In addition, add a touch of color to your space by hanging a mirror framed in green bamboo to the wall above your vanity.

Custom Vanities for Bathroom


When selected in an assortment of colors, glass mosaic tiles are a dynamic accent to vanity surrounds. Blend mosaic tiles containing an impressionist style pattern around a double bathroom vanity, for an artful custom vanity style for bathroom, so that it extends several feet beyond each sink. Select a white floating sink for your wall then let the walls be the focal point. Above your sinks, a large oval mirror hanging with a pewter antique frame should have taken into your consideration.

Custom Vanities for Bathroom

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