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How To Put Down Laminate Flooring: Some Simple Tips To Follow

Laminate flooring is one of the most popular flooring options among home owners. By using laminate flooring, you can add  touch of beauty to your room. Learning how to put down laminate flooring helps you to make your room sparkle. The most common type of laminate flooring is interlocking. This type is involves connecting the pieces together to create beautiful hardwood flooring. Before starting any process, you need to take the measurement of the room which the flooring will sit. After that, you can buy the laminate flooring of your choice with under lament.

If you are wondering on how to put down laminate flooring, you will need to prepare some items. Those include laminate flooring, table saw or circular saws, under lament, tape measures, pencil and wall molding. The first thing to do is to clean the surface. First it is recommended to vacuum the floor. Make sure the surface is not only clean but also free from anything which is sticking up out the floor. This process is important so there is no uneven areas for the final result.

Next, you need to roll out the under lament on the clean surface. You need to smooth it out so there is no wrinkles. This process is important not to damage the under lament when you are walking around on the flooring. You need to start the first board with it tight up against the wall. The process can be continued with the next board until the end of row. In some cases, the laminate flooring might not fit perfectly. Next you will need to cut the board to fit it. To get the right size, you need to use the tape measure. After taking the measurement, mark the board with a light pencil to mark the spot where you need to cut.

How To Put Down Laminate Flooring

How To Put Down Laminate Flooring

Start the next roll on the ending side of the first roll. Make sure you keep placing the boards down until it reaches the end and cut the end of the piece. You can start the third row at the ending side of the second row. You need to nail the wall moldings to the walls around the entire room. Check the molding. It is important for you to make sure the molding is secure in place and is angled to fit other piece in the corners. When you are thinking of how to put down laminate flooring, you might want to let the professional complete the task if you are not used to DIY projects.

How To Put Down Laminate Flooring

There are many tips on how to put down laminate flooring that are recommend to make sure the laminate flooring is installed properly. Improper installation only brings you problems in the furniture. Laminate flooring is highly durable but you need to put coasters or felt under furniture. Since there are many options of laminate flooring, you need consider the purpose before installing. If you are installing the laminate flooring for the basement, you need to choose the edge-glued variety over the interlocking or floating variety. If you have basic skills with tools, you might be able to complete the process on how to put down laminate flooring.

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