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Disposable Hand Towels for Bathrooms: Some Facts You Should Know

Some of you might be familiar with disposable hand towels for bathrooms. As basic information, disposable hand towels are referred to as paper hand towels which are used as hygiene products. The hand towels are usually made of cloth material. Basically, these are made of cotton material. Because of this reason, many people call them cotton towels. When you are using these towels, they require maintenance that includes washing and ironing. Many people try to find an alternative which can provide the function of cotton towels without the need of the maintenance process and more cost-effective. This alternative is disposable hand towels.

Many people are interested in using disposable hand towels for bathroom since these offer more benefits for the users. Those advantages are including the disposable aspect. After using the hand towel, people can simply dispose it.   A Disposable hand towel is quite different that a cloth towel where you need to wash and iron the towels. It requires no maintenance and has better hygienic standards. These disposable hand towels for bathrooms are made of a paper material since they are made to be used only once. After using the towels, you just need to throw it away. Not only are many people at home use them, but they are becoming plentiful in commercial places like office and public areas.

Disposable hand towels for bathrooms are usually placed in the towel dispenser. These towels are supplied by many brands which also offer eco-friendly cleaning supplies and hygiene products like Kimberly Clark, Kleenex, Kruger, and Lotus. You can find hand towels in various sizes. Using the towels will be much easier since you do not need to do much of a maintenance process. You can simply discard the towels after using them.

Disposable Hand Towels for Bathroom

When you are looking for the information related to disposable hand towels, you might see that the usage of the towel is actually a bit controversial. The main reason is because the towels are using paper as basic material. If the usage of paper keeps increasing, it means there are more trees which will be cut. Some companies are using green ideas in promoting the hand towels. There are many people who are arguing since the idea is far from green since it will cut more trees. Due to this reason, many people agree that disposable hand towels for bathroom are not friendly towards the environment.

Disposable Hand Towels for BathroomAccording to recent study, there are approximately 200 billion times when people wash their hands and use the cloth bathroom towels. Hand washing is highly promoted by many hygienic products. The campaign is inspired by H1N1. However, this campaign, argued by many people, was developed by many large companies to profit from the public. The idea is indeed helpful for health but it is not for environment. Many people consider the idea is not that green. There are many people who also have concerns of the environment and prefer to use cotton towels since it is much more eco-friendly. The decision of using disposable hand towels for bathroom is in your hand.

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