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How to Fix Peeling Paint in the Bathroom

The bathroom is an area of the house which is becoming one of the hardest places to keep looking nice because of its high humidity level. For example, one of the common problems which occurs often is the peeling of the paint in the bathroom, whether it is on the ceilings or on the walls. However, adding new paint on the ceilings or walls wont immediately solve the problems since it will be worse several weeks later.  To make sure that this problem will be solved without creating or adding new ones, here are several things which you can do in order to make your bathroom look nice again.

Peeling Paint in Bathroom Preparation

Before someone starts peeling paint in bathroom, they will need to prepare some items and start some preparation. The first item is fine grit sandpaper which will be used on the preparation. After that, you can prepare specially formulated paint detergent or any other household cleaner which is commonly used with hot water. Last, you will also need bleach to make sure that the preparation complete. Those items will be useful for the preparations. Next, you can start to prepare the items for the next steps. The items are such as the paintbrush, paint roller, paint, and primer. Anyway, here are some important notes.

  1. Make sure that you’ve checked the area that you want to repair. So if you have to replace the texture, you can do it immediately and prepare the additional items.
  2. Make sure that the bathroom will not become fogged and has another humidity problem when you are repairing the peeling paint in the bathroom.
  3. Make sure that there is enough ventilation when you paint, or you can use some a fan to make the air flow. This is necessary for your own health.

peeling paint in bathroom

Now we can move to the preparation steps. First, you can use the sandpaper to buff the edges of the peeling paint until it is blended with the wall surfaces. Make sure that you are not gouging the wall behind the paint with the scraper. After that, you can clean the rest of the residue on the walls by using the paint detergent or the household cleaner. However, if you use the household cleaner, you will have to rinse the wall with the hot water right after you clean it. Besides, the household cleaner and hot water can be used on most walls and ceilings except the heavily textured ceilings. Last, if there is any remaining mildew stains, you can clean them by using the diluted bleach water to the spots by using spray. Let it dry before you move to the next steps.

peeling paint in bathroom

peeling paint in bathroom

The Steps – Peeling Paint in Bathroom

After you’ve done the preparation, now you can check the texture of the area that you want to repair. If there is some textures that need to be replaced, repair it by using the kits that you have prepared before and just follow the directions there. After that, you can apply the oil-based primer coat to the areas that you’ve sanded and cleaned. Just follow what the direction say on the primer. Let the primer cure completely before the next steps. Last, you can add paint as needed.

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